Why are there no vaccinations from scoundrels?

...I thought, leaving the registry office with another evidence of divorce at the second time. Why don’t we acquire immunity for all kinds of "not useful for one’s organism men"?

It was December, it’s time for the pre-holiday, and I, recalling the words of Scarlet O "Hara, decided to think about it ... after the New Year ... The most important thing was that I meet the New Year as a free woman (that are these invincible" female signs") According to psychologists, all our problems, complexes come from childhood. I agree in the main thing, but everyone has his own particular. We all dream of a loving, caring, gentle prince who will surely have a glass shoe in his hands and it will of course fit. Does anybody imagine the future next to drunk, tyrant, womanizer? I was not exactly dreaming about it! Then why do we step on the same rake more than once? It seems to me it comes from a dislike of yourself. Only a self-confident woman who loves and respects herself is able to accept real feelings of a real man. As long as we are sure that we are not worthy of real happiness – it’s impossible to get it! This is my opinion! And what do you think about it ..?

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Это - таки может быть небольшой благотворительный взнос на издание книги "Квинтэссенция одиночества Розы Марковны...", и, шо примечательно - все ж на Ваше усмотрение!

Шоб вИ мИне все были здоровы и благодарны!

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