The right way to go women comrades!

Our society, unfortunately, has become accustomed to the daily acts of all kinds of violence by the president and the government. Ukraine today is not yet the Middle Ages, of course, but ...

The concept of the rights and freedoms of citizens, strictly speaking, the protection of these rights - in our state -these are chatter and entire "unnecessary paperwork."

 What is domestic violence - it happened, that I know about this not by hearsay. I managed to choose the wrong guys ... Fortunately, everything is in the past. I know many women who are afraid of turning this terrible page of their present over. This is fearfully! Because there is not enough courage, decisiveness and finally - support! Starting my blog the Crossroads, creating a page and a group with the same name on Facebook, I really wanted to support, share my experience, help not to be afraid! Of cource, I wondered-

- actually on what support of the state, which its European vector “sticks out to its citizens” - can a woman recon, who needs protection from domestic violence. And after all, we keep sacred all the traditions! - "He beats - it means that he loves!", "Swearing of lovers – An amusement of themselves!", And finally - "There is no body - there is no business!". After all, it’s like, in the Soviet Union, there was no sex, it is logical that there is no place for sexual violence, where should it get from! What is difference of nowadays police, that is ignoring calls to "everyday things" from the Soviet police - correct - only the name. Communicating in a non-formal setting with the employees of the district, city executive authorities, I’ve made make a disappointing conclusion — all the help and support were made only on paper, in the form of colored brochures on the stand at the executive committees. And in the brochures, there is only general information about the types, forms of violence, with an indication of the telephone hotline and the addresses of the centers organized by the volunteers! - not by the state! where women who have been subjected to domestic violence can temporarily live.

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