Railway station. Railway yard !

How often our life is like a train station. You wander around the platform, looking at other people's indifferent faces, trying to make out at least some familiar features, looking for fellow travelers - do not find. You leave in the waiting room, carefully listen to all the announcements, consider your ticket, starting to doubt the correctness of the choice of the final station. You go to change the ticket, again you are looking for fellow travelers - having spread a few phrases - you change the ticket again. Those who wait around change too. You go out again on the platform. You see off the departing trains – the first ...the second ... the third ... Once again you go to the waiting room, going to the cashier before that and noting the cashier’s disapproving look, who is handing over the second ticket... Wading through the crowd to the other ticket office, you take another ticket, dragging along all your suitcases... You fall asleep ... Wake up from the piercingly opposite voice of the station duty officer from the speaker — YOUR TRAIN HAS LEFT! You grab the suitcases and drag them to the platform – all the ... suitcases ... You wander around the platform for a long time. Trains rush by, some with short stops, some a little longer. You see of this trains. You want to follow some of them... take apart the rails ...

The daylight has begun to down, pleasantly caressing the first rays, and it seems that this long night in the waiting room was not there, you suddenly see your apron clearly and no matter which way is the first or the fifth ... You drop everything, all your suitcases, and without ticket jump on the bandwagon of your train leaving on a new day!

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Это - таки может быть небольшой благотворительный взнос на издание книги "Квинтэссенция одиночества Розы Марковны...", и, шо примечательно - все ж на Ваше усмотрение!

Шоб вИ мИне все были здоровы и благодарны!

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