Parents, ask an adult girl - did she need a full family at any cost?

Thank you for giving me life! But you have stolen my childhood ... I love my parents as much equally. I am happy having them, that they are healthy. They are simple, wonderful people who have been together for 45 years. But...

Analyzing the two previous marriages, I clearly realize that I dragged the formula of my relationship from my childhood. When a woman realizes that her marriage, saying the least of it, is not what she dreamed about - she looks back, and there is the family of her parents. We are learning our first words with them, as well as taking our first steps – they are teaching us everything, unfortunately, a bad thing too. A woman, whose mother was not respected, insulted, can’t consider it to be wrong. In the first rush, you are looking around, looking for the same life situations - and you find very often ... And you calm down ... For many years ... Every woman has her own, quite explainable, understandable motives. The main thing for my mother, who grew up without a father was that her children should live in a full family. How did they feel about it – it was not important, the main thing was that there was their dad. The main thing for the father is also a full family. Everyone has their own understanding of this usefulness. So, understanding of a man is like that: a woman is faithful, economic, tolerant, forgiving, you can take out on her your " intoxicating mood", you can beat her up for order - according to the principle and similarity of the relations in the family of his parents, further children – they are to be, to be fed and be dressed, to be obedient – that is all!

Woman's understanding struggled across the life, resisted, entered into fistfights - all this was in front of children - but they have their father and full family... My understanding is to my daughter - I will never live as my parents have lived! I was not enough just food and clothes! I will not allow, even for a second, my son to think that I sacrificed myself for his own good.

It was painful for me to say all this again. I really would not like to hurt my parents ... But today I am also a mother. I do not want to repeat the mistakes of my mother. My son is a copy of dad in everything! My bad story ended 10 years ago! It took me 15 years and two unsuccessful marriages to break all attitudes and look at the world with different eyes — the eyes of a happy person.

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