Natasha in the Looking Glass - or my first sexual experience on Facebook!

WE ARE NOT SLAVES! SLAVES ARE NOT WE! Probably all of us once heard this. And of course, everyone said - this is from the field of general knowledge, this is not about me! But this is not so! Today, unfortunately, we are all tied by bonds, which are often akin to marriage ones, to all kinds of information sources, whether this is television or social networks. Most of us do not imagine ourselves of being without the "some sort" of modern attribute - of "being on style."

Devil! I am not 15 or even 35! And I think – this is right that everything has its time, life is not treading water, and I’m as well- but ... But we are all human! And first of all - have to stay like that.

Yesterday’s bloody rainy day - was filled with thousands of friend requests on Facebook from some kind of “international community of amateurs who rape the female brain with the name “ NATASHA! ” Oh! I understand that the Internet is evil! And I accept that here not all people are healthy. And, remembering the caterpillar with a pipe, I do not know what each of them smokes! And yes, social network is not only the world of living people. Unfortunately, every donkey owner or suddenly! camel - can register your account under the name of Brad Pit! - not less, well, or some Prince, necessarily - hereditary! And yes – so goes the world, I’m also a part of this “web” - but, I am a real person - with a non-assumed name! I have other goals - from which there are no corns on the palms! And probably, yesterday I was just unlucky one - my account has got into some sort of the Looking Glass ... edited by a soulless Facebook machine ...

My husband says that I, having entered into some kind of “something”, devote too much time to “touch and smell things”, instead of overstepping. What does he understand in the female - “dock out” to the truth! Women are different! We are also hurt by virtual violence, not less than by any other one! Because we are women!

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