Loneless is bastard?..

I always dreamed of being a wife of the lighthouse keeper! The dream is probably not the highest - but after all, dreams, like husbands, we choose by ourselves. Sunsets and sunrises by the ocean, grass rustling on the shore, the roar of waves crashing on rocks, the hysterical cry of gulls, two rocking chairs – and we are sitting in them under warm rugs, with glasses of something ... in our hands. And most important – there is no single living soul here, within a radius of several hundred kilometers ... There is no cellular connection either - there is no connection at all. The two of us are alone - alone and free from the whole world. We have an opportunity to talk with each other, to hear each other, to look deeply into each other - not looking up from phone calls, not tracking messages of our mail, not looking at the clock and scrolling through all the items in diary. Unfortunately, our crazy world, with its newest technologies, a furious rhythm, like a spider, spains us with an incredible number of the most important tasks, main goals, fateful strategies. We rush forward. We are rushing at a breakneck speed. We fall, rise – then rush again, sometimes not feeling any pain, not noticing roughness of the chosen road, sometimes having recollected ourselves, rushing in a different direction ... And we also choose and determine the rhythm of our movement, based on our understanding and vision of the world. Each of us is afraid of stoрping and listening to our real self, breathing deeply, looking into the sky - close our eyes, breathe out and stand still ... It is fearfully ... While we are in motion - we are hardly distinguishable in the stream of rushing, and the figure standing alone immediately catch your eye with all "its cracks." We are afraid of being left without a cover, clinging to the shell, because after being exposed, we are left alone with ourselves. Being lonely, I had to give honest answers to the same posed, uncomfortable questions. At the beginning, “tearing off with skin” usual stereotypes and patterns, it was hard and painful ... Only at the beginning ... There must be a lighthouse ahead ... and a lighthouse keeper who has been waiting for me for a long time. And I will no longer need any masks and protective shells. We will sit on the deserted bank "naked" and listen to each other. Sometimes, loneliness is the only way to hear yourself, listen to your subconscious and, if you have the courage to act honestly. Push to hell rules, invented by someone, and norms, do not rush headlong, following the instincts of the crowd. Let us sometimes stop, not for a long ... - breathe deeply, notice the sky, being alone with yourself, find your inner freedom bit by bit. I know of these bits you can law down the word - HAPPINESS!

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