Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.! .. Confession of a home wrecker ...

Any normal person tries to show some episodes from his life in a more or less favorable light, omitting details of events that upset or made to suffer. "Wondering around our closets, carefully brushing the dust from all skeletons," reviving painted decorations of long-lived dramas, in truth, we fear these looks inside. Focusing again on semi-blurry, uncomfortable pictures that tumbling away over time, realizing that the corrosive bitterness of the past “comes to life” at the slightest approximation ... Considering such self-blame as meaningless, we consciously and firmly, shut the sad experiences into the most secluded corners and start with a clean slate ...



My first marriage, which began poorly, and ended in a banal way — with betrayal and pain, has left behind. I was 25, and at this wonderful age, even by pursing my lips and “girdling with offenses”, one could maintain relative calm. Muttering to myself, "that bad experience is just an experience, not a bad karma and not an evil eye," swallowing bitterness from the first defeat, I made the first short-sighted, frivolous conclusion. Taking into account all the shortcomings of the former spouse, without a shadow of a doubt I thought that if I ever have a heart for a strong relationship, then my new mate would be the complete opposite. Naively believing that the other person is synonymous with “other relationships,” I carefully wrapped up my “bad experience” in the closet, stepped into a new life with a proud head, from scratch, as it seemed. If I just could sort it out "without packing anything" ... But ...

1999 was coming to the end (writing these numbers and felt like a mammoth ...). Here we go. This were the end of December. I was finishing my studies and worked in a small company. The director of the company was a young, promising businessman: good-looking (too pretty features for a man, again, in my understanding), well educated, from an intelligent family, not married, in love with me - why not? But, no! .. Between us girls speaking, probably, it’s different for everyone, but for me there is a type of men: "even in the most famine year, for a sack of potatoes - no, no ...". We continue to see up to this day. Wish each other happy holidays, speak on the phone sometimes just chat. Therefore, to the question about the existence of friendship between a man and a woman, I sincerely answer in the affirmative! - "There are men who can’t be stopped by any potatoes! ..".

New year 2000, I met with my friend and her relatives in a warm, sincere atmosphere. We made wishes, wrote them down on scraps of paper, burning them - threw the ashes into glasses of champagne, and wishing each other the quickest possible fulfillment of what was wished, then by the chiming clock, we choked with laughter and ashes. This ritual for me was a discovery, perhaps for this reason, I approached the meaning and formulation of my desires with particular responsibility. So, desires: 1. Highly paid, promising work (in 1999 my salary was about $50); 2. "Prince on his white Mercedes", (we did not expect other ones at the beginning of the 21st century); 3. My own place (I rented a "Dearborn project", the rent was almost equal to my salary). These were my wishes for the year 2000. I could not foresee that all this would come true, literally from the next day, but ... If a person wants something very strongly, understandable and natural, with clearly defined prospects, he will succeed. And for a woman, in my opinion, there is nothing possible at all!

On January 1st , 2000, in late afternoon, I got a call from the owner of the recruiting agency and said that a very serious, large corporation was interested in my CV, and I was appointed for an interview for tomorrow. From her voice with a gasp, her touching intonation, I realized that the offer was worthwhile. And also, in case of my absolute conformity, she will receive half of my salary for the first month for her services, which is 100% of my current income. I full abnormally unreal confidence: "- if not me, then who deserves this high trust!" - I successfully passed the interview and got the desired position. That's how the year has started! I became a staff assistant of a man who is still on the Forbes magazine lists. Another, a qualitatively new standard of living, could not but rejoice. And besides, invincible female signs - the first of the conceived came true!

In my life in the past, and in the future as well, there were many such moments when there was a feeling of some kind of "floundering in the turbulent flow of water," when it seems that there is no strength to get out of the funnel; you drown ... And suddenly, almost choking, you emerge and lie down on the water. The flow becomes calm, smooth, gently lulling you on the waves, purring like a kitten ... There is an expression: " On the crest of a wave..." I know what it is about ... During such periods of change, fractures, clearly visualizing your goals, dreams, you suddenly realize that you have so many unconscious new skills, experience, some previously unused qualities. You look inside yourself and note with pride that what is happening today, something that five years ago did not occur to you, it could not have been a dream then ... That is your road!

Life has played with new colors, even despite of the fact that the days flashed in context: home - work, work - home. On a day off, a neighbor looked in at me, on a part-time basis - a hairdresser, a day of beauty was scheduled. This young person, who had also been married, returned from there with a light heart and a firm conviction that not all men are bastards, only a concrete one, who is her former. The lady had a "peculiar beauty", but with a tremendous confidence in her irresistible. After the haircut, over a cup of coffee, she told me about her new project. Having found an ad in a newspaper of some eminent matchmaker (off-line dating site, of that time), she had already met two wealthy businessmen and the choice had not yet been made. Knowing very well how much color, indefatigable energy and good attitude towards me my neighbor has had to me, I assumed that something extraordinary would happen, but nothing like this ... One night I had a call. Pleasant male voice asked me to go down to the backyard. Which of us is not willing for adventure being 25? ... A stranger with a gorgeous bouquet was waiting for me in the backyard, leaning on the door of a Mercedes, not a white – but gray, but these are nuances ...


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