I am not a patriot of my country ... Unfortunately!..

November 25th -is an International International Day against violence against women. On this day, the 16-day World Campaign against Gender Violence starts. All civilized humanity focuses, thereby, attention to the fact that this is one of the main problems of a healthy society. After all, a happy family, happy people is a foundation of successful state. Unfortunately, on November 26th - of absolutely all citizens of my country – Ukraine, there was commited violence in a crude form of its guarantor, government, parliament. But we choose these "leaders" of our destinies by ourselves - we are put before a choice, without having this choice, for many years so far. We used to endure to the last ... shouting ... sigh ... I watched the live broadcast at the walls of the Supreme Council, my son was playing with cars next to me, simultaneously asking me not children’s questions like - why our president does not think about people - Is he an evil wizard who can make everyone feel bad? I feel bad that after the 27 years of independence of my state - from me - the law-abiding citizen - not a damn thing depends! And I do not know how to explain to a five-year-old child that, unfortunately, too little will depend on him as well. But this is really scary!

Creating this site, a group and a page on social networks - I would like to use my history as an example, to shout out to people who are not indifferent to their own lives, fates of their children, to those who are no longer afraid, but still doubt to take some steps. While we are silent - nobody will hear us !!! Domestic violence is a crime! When women, children, old people are beaten up - these are not "family matters - they will figure it out by themselves." When a person is methodically bullied, this is not a "taboo" topic. - you need to talk about it! Until each of us looks inside himself and says honestly to himself - this should not be so! - we will have nothing to say to our children !!!

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