He beats -it means he loves ... to beat!..

A bushman is not a mammoth, he himself will not die! I think that physical violence in the family comes from a cave. Having overtaken and scored a mammoth in front of his wife, a bushman lost this booty by tacking away of this mammoth by stronger bushman (in front of his wife ...). It was scary to fight, because the club was picked up by a stronger bushman. What is the bushman doing? The simplest thing is to flop “with a turn” a weaker wife for having witnessed of his “fiasco”, and also, she is always at hand! And there would be good if wife has got something heavy with herself, and flopped him from the same turn, then wrapped the children in the skins, and gone to another bushman who is strong but beats only mammoths - but no! Since she has already learned to give birth, but she still hasn't really learned to think - she is leaving, brushing a tear into the depths of the cave! And henceforth she tries not to stick out and not to fall under the hot hand! Cases of flop “with a turn” are becoming more frequent ... She would have to "evolve", to think that son is starting to bang little sister, memorizing and honing her father's talents, to try to make her bushman - the man through peaceful negotiations, turning to ultimatums - but she is afraid! Scary to be without a bushman! It is terrible to stay without a piece of mammoth! It is terrible to leave children without a cave! Fearfully! What has changed since then? Not enough! We continue to raise our sons like a bushman - not the man! Fortunately, not everyone is "scary"!

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