Having celebration of divorce!..

A divorce in the United States, France, and Great Britain has long been accepted (not by all, of course) to celebrate, often more merrily than a wedding ceremony. Guests are giving presents, fun parties are rolling in with a lot of interesting entertainment, for example, like on the photo - I think the target is her former and it is good if in the form of a portrait. Remembering how it was to me, I am very sorry that we did not have this earlier and not developed enough, due to the mentality, now. If all points are set - then why not! Perhaps this helps a person to turn the page over and start a new life. Often, already former spouses, roll up such parties together - and suddenly, they understand that they hurried ... And it happens ... So, what am I all about ... I propose to discuss on the CROSSROAD site forum and in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/705340869837585/ your attitude to this topic. I seriously consider creating an agency for organizing "anti-wedding parties", I am looking for like-minded people. Like-minded people -doesn’t mean potential customers, although they could be as well ... It is not a call to divorce! Although, scenarios in my head! ...

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