Happiness comes from childhood!

There are less than two weeks before the New Year comes. It seems that frosty days are now permeated through, as if by electricity, by some kind of incredible magic of anticipation ... Probably all of us on the eve of these two weeks are becoming a little bit children, with tender and joyful thrill, helping our children with decorating of letters to St. Nicholas and Grandfather Frost. Pre-holiday bustle returns everyone to the kindest and brightest time of our life - childhood! The atmosphere of the oncoming holidays is imbued with the scents of Christmas tree, mandarins, sweets, expectation of miracles and gifts.

 With incredible warmth and gratitude to my parents, I remember my New Year holidays, when my brother and I were taken to grandmother and grandfather in the morning, and in the evening, we were returned to the fairy tale. We, with closed eyes, were led into the room where the Christmas tree was already decorated with all its beautiful attire, the light was turned off and colorful garlands of cones and snowflakes happily were winking to us. These incredible moments, this state of absolute child happiness - are remembered for a lifetime! And even, despite of the fact that once, picking up candies from the Christmas tree, my brother and I knocked it over - and we got great punishment for that, and once tangerines prepared for the New Year, we found only in March, that have become a porridge in a box on mezzanines - it was still a real childish happiness!

When miracles happen in our childhood, we carry this tradition through our lives, trying to give our children more warmth, joy and magic. The larger this whirl is, the more generous we are for good - the more happiness is to be on this planet. Parents who preserve the good tradition of the whirl of happiness, teach us the most important thing - to be happy. After all, the greatest happiness is to give love and happiness to others!

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