Divorce is not the end, but on the contrary...

It hurts when relationships end. No matter who is the initiator, it is still very painful ... Feeling of emptiness and pain don’t let us go for a long time, your familiar and clear world collapses overnight, even if it was not the best. A total, insurmountable feeling appears to escape to the edge of the world or to be hammered into some small hole from the heaping new problems arising ...

Divorce is not the end of the world! There is life ahead! I know for sure!

To get out of the state of stupor and not linger on this crossroads, there are several important life tips:

- do not hide your emotions too deeply, sometimes, offenses literally take root in our lives and force us to shut ourselves off from everything new that is already “knocking on our” door;

- it is necessary to be able to cry soberly, get angry enough, get drunk to hell - we pity ourselves as we can;

-we are strong and independent, but we still need a support, good words of mother, life-affirming advice of a friend or a girlfriend — how it goes ..;

- change of situation, new hobby, new work, new friends - everything is set off, in general we add salt, pepper, season;

-It is probably the most difficult thing to try to explain to a child that love for him will not be less than one, and it is not his fault that mom and dad will no longer live in the same house, he will also be loved and cared for so much.

Probably, fortunately, children did not participate in my divorces, but being a mother for five years now, I understand that the interests of the child, his emotional balance are the most important things for any parent.

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