Bitch? But – a loved one! - Or the games that people play.

Who of us in 19 years did not want to get married? Probably not much. Everyone has different motives, but as a result you are an adult, independent (as it seemed), well, you are not a snotty girl - you are a woman! You, savoring, try on "each attribute your new image." And the surrounding takes your new status. You take a great responsibility for your new duties, you change your familiar circle of friends, your interests, hobbies are moving away, and soon are completely rejected by so-called second half. And it seems logicaly that a lot in your life should be changed, a lot - but not all! Remembering traditions, you try on a bunch of new ones, unnecessary masks: submissive, forgiving, the most economical, a galloping horse, in a burning hut ... But everything is not so and everything is not so! Not a year or two of your “crazy carnival” takes place - and suddenly, from the next pirouette, you are a little thrown to the side. Recovering from "dizziness" - you suddenly realize that only your life has been turned upside down, only from yours I - dust has remained ... A person who has been with you all these years, professed another religion - his religion is he " an idol ", which will never be enough of the sacrifices. And then you would feel sorry for yourself, remember that you are snotty girl, and run away. But you are a woman! Stupid - but a woman! And like a real woman, you get the last mask - the mask of a bitch! You remember that you are beautiful - you are no longer ashamed to emphasize your femininity, and you do not care how it will be perceived. You start your new business, and everything works out for you, and you really become an independent – of anyone. You're spectacular, smart, you are that one who is listened to, your opinion is important. Suddenly you realize that you had all this before - only the "idol" who lives nearby, was very afraid of all this, and you did not have the courage to admit to yourself that the "idols" do not like living people.

When you're 25 or 30 years old, you can afford these experiments with carnivals. You stop being afraid of your "idols", and they, after your transformations, cease to be so. You! all of a sudden, you become a "goddess." Unfortunately, this happens, as long as there is no true love in your life. And even when it suddenly appears, you “who hardened in battles with your idols,” for a very long time are trying to grab all the masks acquired. You are very scared to remain unprotected. Fear passes, slowly, faith returns, trust borns, and one day you realize that you can be yourself. You are loved because you who you are!

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